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Hundreds of Companies Offer Thousands of Employee Benefits

What if you had an opportunity to offer Your  Employees a benefit that fundamentally changed their families lives generationally?

Now You Can

The Debt Shredder Team offers the world’s only Financial GPS along with a Monthly Accountability Program customized to each employee and Employer Quarterly Updates to help track your employee’s success.

Debt Shredder is successfully used by employers for Key Man as well as general employee retaining and recruiting

Debt Shredder eliminates Amortized Debts, such as mortgages & credit cards, faster than any other program available

Debt Shredder is one of the most user friendly Budget Tools

Debt Shredder builds a Family Emergency Fund

Debt Shredder is a Self-Funded Pension Plan which works with your existing Retirement Program or allows you to offer one

The Debt Shredder Team works with each of your employees monthly with our Accountability Program to Coach and Mentor them on their journey to success


Let's See if we're a good fit for your company

~ The Debt Shredder Team ~

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