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After he bought it, my son told me that I needed this program so I called Harold. A lot has happened in the past 2 years to make me glad that I did. I finally realized that I was going broke with the dairy and that I needed to make changes or I was going to lose the farm. I ran a lot of different numbers through the system and was able to strike a balance between what I love doing and preserving my family. It’s been a challenging 2 years but now I’m scheduled to be completely out of debt in 5.5 years instead of losing the farm like so many other dairymen have. Being that dairy is such a crazy business I know that I’m going to need the money that I’m supposed to use for a strategic payment for equipment or cows, but I’ve been able to budget and control expenses that I’ve never done before. I wish some of my friends had gotten this program because I think they would still be in business.

Gid S, Ronks PA


Harold put it best when he told me that I didn’t need the DS. He told me I would get out of debt and build wealth without it. I bought it and use it because of what he said next “You just have to ask yourself if you want to do it in 25 years or in 5 years.” I’ll be completely out of debt before my children are in Middle School. Thank you, Harold.

AJ, New Holland PA


Before I bought the Debt Shredder I was scheduled to be in debt for 18 more years. One and a half years after starting the program I will own my farm free and clear in just two and a half years. December of 2021 will be one heck of a Christmas!

Ben S, Madisonburg PA


When I bought the debt Shredder in 2018 I had 26 years and $898,000.00 left on the farm mortgage and loans. DS showed me I would be out of debt in 8 years. A few months ago I asked Harold what it would do to my debt schedule if I bought the $1.3 million farm next to mine. After calculating the projected income of the farm and only using 80% of what I know it will produce, I will own both farms in 16 years instead of 26 years for one farm! I will be buying that farm in October 2019.

Clair M. Fleetwood PA



I’m a third generation farmer and didn’t believe the numbers when Harold ran my analysis. Farmers are always broke. I called 3 farmers who have the program and use it. I finally decided to take a chance and buy the program and it works. I know where my money is going and I know why I wasn’t getting ahead before. I also have an emergency fund for the first time. I know it says I’ll be out of debt in 7 more years and I watch the numbers change every month but even if it’s 10 years instead of 7 I’ll be very happy because I was scheduled to be in debt for 26 years and where I come from, 10 years debt free is way better than 26 years in debt.

Merv M, Nathalie VA


I was introduced to the DS over a year ago and it was only curiosity that made me ask for an analysis. I thought I was doing very well on my own, I was using excel and knew that strategic payoff was the key to eliminating debt. I had been able to reduce my debt to 5 years down from12 on my own and asked Harold if the DS could do better. He said that there was one way to find out. After he ran the analysis the Debt Shredder was able to reduce my debt to 2 years instead of 5 and save me an additional $38,000.00. Thank you, now I can buy that truck I wanted a lot sooner than I thought I could.

Ken M, Lancaster PA


I learned my lesson the hard way. I bought the Debt Shredder in 2017 and thought I could out-think it. DS support advised me to follow the prompts but it seemed too simple for me. About 4 months after I started using it, I got a $30,000.00 payment and put it all to my agricultural loan canceling $9,000.00 of interest! I called Harold and told him what I had done and he asked me why I didn’t put it in the program and let DS apply it. I told him that my AG loan was my highest interest loan and I wanted it paid off. He said that was OK but encouraged me to see what would happen if I put the money in DS and followed the prompts. When I did that I found out that the DS would have split the $30,000.00 and paid it toward 3 of my loans not just the one. The DS would have cancelled $15,000.00 of interest instead of $9,000.00. As I said, I learned the hard way and won’t make that mistake again. I’ll be out of debt in 2025 instead of 2045.

Dave K, Lititz PA

I’m a Realtor and I love this program. I’d been looking for something like this for years. I finally have a budget I can use. The program also put me in a position to be able to buy a new house 6 years earlier than I thought I could. I told Harold & Paul that I knew they were making a difference in the community because their names and the Debt Shredder name keep being talked about in the business groups I belong to before I’ve had a chance to mention it. I’ve referred 5 people to them and 3 have bought the program so far.

Chet L, Lancaster PA

I’m 67 years old and never expected to be in this much debt at my age. I have a good business and rental property income but sometimes life gets in the way when you make other plans. I’ve only had the program for a few months but have already made a strategic payment to my mortgage and cancelled $49,000 in interest in one shot. Before I started this I was supposed to be in debt until I would be 88 years old, now it looks like I will be out of debt in less than the 8 years Harold showed me in the analysis. He was going to save me almost 12 years and $177,000. $49,000.00 of that is already gone. I may see the end of my debt before the world sees the end of me.

Aaron L, Gordonville PA


My wife and I have been $500,000.00 in debt for over 25 years. We kept telling ourselves that “next year will be better”. The problem was that next year never got here. Everyone had given up on us and we were getting ready to sell the farm. My brother and my cousin both told me to call Harold and get my numbers. The DS had helped them and might help me. When Harold and Paul ran our numbers, it took us to debt free in 5 years. I told them, “You guys aren’t selling debt shredders, you have a financial ministry and are giving us hope for the first time in our lives.”

John F, Quarryville PA

When we sat down to review our Debt Shredder analysis, my husband and I were shocked to see that our total debt was over a million dollars! We own two rental properties and a primary residence, which we just bought in the Spring of 2016.  We were used to thinking about the mortgage for each "roof" and the monthly income associated with it, but seeing our debt portfolio tallied as a whole was a bit of a wake-up call for us. I was hoping the Debt Shredder could show us a path to paying that million dollars off more efficiently, and was blown away when the results showed us how we would save over $300,000 in interest payments, and have ALL THREE buildings paid off in eight years instead of 30.  I've heard of paying off your mortgage early, but this is twenty years early. Having our debts paid off in full will coincide with our kids being in middle school, which gives me a sense of peace surrounding paying for their college tuition, and our retirement plan.  I was also pleasantly pleased to learn how paying our debts ahead of the bank schedule will enable our cash accumulation significantly... to the tune of about $3 million "future dollars".  We got started right away, and now that we are a few months in, I'm happy to report that we've already saved several thousand dollars!

Julie L.

My husband and I starting using the Debt Shredder program in 2011. At this time we were married for less than one year, had two car payments, student loans, and a mortgage from a home we bought in 2009. As a newly married couple we found ourselves trying to rebound financially from the cost of our wedding, manage our combined debts, and save for our future. Within the first two years of using the Debt Shredder we were able to eliminate both car loans and our student loans, as well as better manage our budget and increase our discretionary income. With the elimination of our loans we were able to pay down the principal of our home.

One of the best features of this program is that it adapts to your life. In 2013 we were blessed with the birth of our first child and saw an increase in our monthly expenses; however, by noting these changes in our account we were able to stay on track financially and continue paying down our mortgage. In just 5 years we built substantial equity in our home, allowing us to build our dream home while also having our second child. The Debt Shredder gives us financial confidence in managing a new mortgage, childcare costs for two children, and planning for future expenses such as replacing a vehicle and purchasing furniture for our new home. Even with all of these new expenses and uncertain increases to our salaries, we are looking forward to being debt free in 10 years. The Debt Shredder is a great tool to help us manage our spending, plan for future expenses, and save thousands of dollars in interest. It is an investment that pays us back over and over again.

Jaime P.

Cheryl & I just bought a home together and got a 15 Year mortgage on it for $140,000. The mortgage people very happily told us about the low 3.625 APR and the low(er) monthly payment we would have. What they glossed over was that if we paid the loan off as we contracted we would pay over $41,600 in interest.

Enter the DEBT SHREDDER. Using the power of this incredible program and the money we already earn, The DEBT SHREDDER will have us paid off in 7.8 years. We will own our home outright in half the time. Plus we will KEEP ½ THE INTEREST


Hugh W. & Cheryl J.

I bought my house for $112,000 in 2014 with a 30 year mortgage and I'm currently carrying $148,000 worth of debt...I bought the Debt Shredder in August and I'm on track to be debt free in 6 years and saving $62,000 in a little over 2 months I've already saved $1100.

Chuck D.

Just recently I've been thinking more about having the desire to get out of debt as quickly as possible, the past four to five months. Then I started to take notice about the Debt Shredder program and what it does for people. I eventually was able to do a free Debt Shredder analysis and found out that with my $24,955.82 in student loans that I would be able to save 36 months of payments which would total $13,915.08 and $2,677.65 in interest. After I found out how much money I could save with this program it made me realize how powerful it is, so I decided to buy it. I don't have a lot in debt but there's so many people out there that struggle with a large amount of debt (credit card,loans, mortgages,&student loans). Also one of my favorite things about the Debt Shredder program is it helps you make future financial decisions if you think about taking out another loan and how long it'll take for you to pay it down.

Jan P.,Tennessee

In July of 2011, I had 27 years to go on my 30-year mortgage, $30,000 in credit card debt, $5000 on a line of credit, and only $200 of cash left over at the end of every month. There was $80,000 of debt hanging over my head. I was paying $1,246 in interest out of $1,636 in credit card and mortgage payments every month. Only $390 was going toward principal. I started the Debt Shredder program because I didn’t have an escape route out of debt.

In the first 2 years, as of August 2013, I eliminated $17,871 of my $35,000 in credit card and LOC debt. I had $1072 of disposable income left over at the end of every month now, compared to the $200 left over just 2 years prior. I should be debt free within the next 4 years, far ahead of the bank’s schedule of 27 years. So far, I have saved (prevented) $42,000 in interest from going to the banks. My credit score went from fair, 620 to very good, around 754 as of June 2016. I am very thankful that I listened to the person who told me about this program. I took a leap of faith and a calculated risk, and it turned out very well.

Chris S., Reading PA

I started using the Debt Shredder on January 1, 2014, at that time, we had three mortgages totaling $117,025.97. To date, June 6, 2016, I was able to pay off two of the mortgages and reduce our debt to $28,096.54 and we saved about $46,242.63 in interest. It was hard to imagine being debt free, but on March 10, 2017, Praise God , it will be real for my family. I can’t wait!!

I highly recommend this program, the success I am having with it changed my outlook on life, it gives me confidence and it put me in position to stop worrying about retirement and start planning for it.

Thanks and make it a great day!!

Jim R.

With 26 years left on a 30 year mortgage, over $70,000 in credit card debt, 3 car payments a Harley payment twin girls in college. I was stressed every week paying bills. I thought I was doing good with paying extra on each bill. We were going no where...

Then in November/2015 we started with Debt Shredder. So far as of July/2017 we paid off 2 credit cards.

We needed a 4 door car (hated to give up my convertible - 2 grand-kids) another used car in June. I thought this is going to put years on to our debt. NOPE!!!! plugged in the figures and to my surprise. We went from 6.8 years to 7.3 years out of debt completely.

I just follow the tells me what to pay how much, when to move's that easy!!! We still live good.

Over $350,000.00 in debt. We will save $125,566.80 in interest...that would have gone to the banks. Better in our pockets.

Monica M.


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